Somali Center for Research and Training(SOCRET)




The Somali  Center for Research and Training was established in February 2006,  by the Formal Private Education Network in Somalia (FPENS) in collaboration with the United Nations Development program (UNDP) office in Mogadishu, In order to make available a place for high level research, education and training.


The center is located at the headquarters of the Formal Private Education Network in Somalia (FPENS). 


The center is composed of the following sections :

1 – Research and Training Section

2 – Scientific Library Section

3 – Printing and Publishing Section

4 – Meetings and Other Activities Hall conferences Section

5 – Internet and Information Section


The center has a vision of encouraging and activating the research operations relating to Somalia and the surrounding areas in order to found a data bank for the researchers and those who interested in the affairs of the region. Also  to produce prominent educated people through training activities.


This center endeavors to run and develop different programmes relating to researches and training researchers, trainees, professional and local community in the East of Africa. 


The main objectives of the Center are : 

  1. To develop , harmonize and publish the studies and researches, relating to Somalia and the Horn of Africa

  2. To encourage those who are talents for researches and those who are trainers and trainees

  3. To  increase and encourage the essential research projects , including the specializations and the cooperative ones between the universities and the different research  centers in Somalia and the Horn of Africa

  4. To archive /keep historical and scientific manuscripts , using technological facilities

  5. To organize and hold seminars and conferences on education , scientific debates , etc.

  6. To reserve the right to publishing all information about the carried out projects under the control of the centre (nobody else can publish or copy this)

  7. To cooperate with all individuals and institutions / organizations interested in the field of centre’s specialization

  8. To implement all activities , relating to verification of the objectives of the centre