FPENS Membership System 

According to our Constitution, Fpens has some conditions about the organization that wants to be membership in FPENS.

we hope for all to read carefully about this written, and enjoy membership chance with FPENS Network.

a- There are two kinds of membership:

 Full membership: every association or foundation which fulfilled the membership terms described in letter (b) of this article has right to be a full member.

– Honorary membership: every one who cooperates with the Network is eligible for the Honorary membership.

b- Eligibility for full membership:

 Being member association or foundation run a formal school or schools in the country

– Being an experienced, no less than three years, association or foundation in the field of education

– Being complied with the Regulations of the Network.

– Being an association or foundation run schools that can fulfill these conditions:-

  • Carry out no less than four working hours in teaching per day

  • Practice specific academic year of no less than 10 months

  • Teach all subjects of the formal schools

  • Practice specific educational stages(4, 4, 4)

  • Have schools with a minimum capacity of 6 Classrooms and 150 Students

Loss of Membership 

The member association/ foundation lose its membership if:

  • Violated Regulations of the Network

  • Did not pay the dues and subscriptions for a year

  • With-draw from the membership

  • Absented, without justification, from three subsequent meetings of the General Assembly meetings