On 15/04/2017, a meeting, participated by all the workers and employees of the headquarter of the FPENS, took place in the meeting Hall of the Research and Training Center of the FPENS.

First, Mr. Abdurrahman Omar Sheekh Nur, the Executive Director of the FPENS, gave a concise report about FPENS achievements in the last year, 2016 and what should be focused on in this year, 2017.

In addition, the directions of the different sections/offices of the FPENS reported activities of their offices.

Then, the Participants began to discuss the agendas written below:

  1. To strengthen the cooperation between the different offices of the Umbrella/FPENS.

  2. To perform duly activities of the Umbrella.

  3. To respect the reputation of the Umbrella and strengthen the collaboration/cooperation between FPENS and other institutions involved in education.

  4. To observe the working hours.

Finally, after a concentrated discussion, the participants agreed on performing their duties sincerely in order to serve properly for the Community.