A delegation from FPENS, composed of Mr. Abdulrahman Omar Sh. Nor, the Executive Director of FPENS and Mr. Abdullahi Sharif Hassan, the Director of foreign relations ent to Kuwait a 28-day visit (15.02.2017-13.03.2017).

The main purpose of this visit was to develop the education run by FPENS and to strengthen the relation between FPENS and international Organizations involved in education and relief.

During their visit, the delegation met the organizations written below:

  1. Mercy international

  2. Direct Aid Association

  3. Kuwait Association for Helping Students

  4. Mortimain secreteriat -General

  5. Kuwait Zakat house

  6. Abdalla Al-Nori Welfare Association

  7. Islamic International Welfare Organization

  8. Kuwait Association for the Blind People.

Finally, we would like thank his excellency the somali Ambassador to Kuwait, Mr. AbdulKadir Amin Sheikh Abubakar for his Prominent role in this fruitful visit.



Best Regards