On 09.09.2018, a farewell ceremony for Somali students received a scholarship from the Africa International University in Sudan, in this academic year, was held in the hall of the Somali center for Research and Training of FPENS in Mogadishu.

some of the participants and guests addressed in the ceremony, such as these ones:

1-    Abdirahman Omar Sh. Nor

       Executive Director of FPENS

2-    Sayed Ali M. Hussein Sherriff

  Chairman of  Munazzamat Al-Da’wa Al-Islamiyah Office in Mogadishu and Member of the           Administrative Board of  FPENS.

3-    A/Rahim Taj Al-din

       Sudan Consul to Somalia.


It is the Second farewell ceremony for such students after the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between the FPENS and the International University Africa in 2016.